Plan your next cosplay project with this Printable Cosplay Project Planner!


Through decades of cosplaying, I’ve tried many techniques to plot out & time track my costume projects. I’ve compiled my favorite ways into a PDF Print-at-Home document that you can use (and reuse) to plan your own cosplay projects!


7 individual planner pages include:


A Project Cover Page with areas for listing your Supplies, Budget, Goals and Notes


2 pages with feminine or masculine Fashion Flat Figures for costume planning drawings. Draw out your plans over the outlines!


A Task Page with a Time Tracking Task List and Instructions on how to work with efficiency


A second Task Page with a longer Time Tracking Task List without instructions


A Photo Planner Page for listing your photoshoot Location, Weather Estimate, your photoshoot Concept Goals, a Packing List, and a Costume Item Tracker so you won’t forget those small items!


A Finished Project Assessment Page for listing Time Spent, Total Spent, and areas for personal feedback. Celebrate the areas you improved and assess where you can grow with future projects.



Each page is its own PDF document so print just the pages you need!


Pages are formatted at Letter size (8.5x11) but can be printed on A4 paper as well.



I've created this to help hobbyists make their crafting easier - For Personal Use only. Redistribution is prohibited.

Cosplay Planner