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Hi, I'm Rachel, known online as Maridah! I live in New England with my spouse, Kevin, and our senior Shiba Inu, Spanky. Kevin, aka HayabusaKnight, is the other half of!

What is It's my cosplay blog that I've run for the last 15 years! In that time it has morphed into my cosplay tutorial repository, sewing pattern store, and a portfolio of my cosplay.

Kevin and I are both long-time cosplayers & occasional photographers for one another. While I'm making new resources, patterns, and tutorials for this site, Kevin manages our socials and business (and spoils Spanky.)



I'm an anime, video game, comic, fantasy, and sci-fi fan who loves to cosplay. Thanks to my father, I’m a lifelong nerd after being introduced to Star Wars and sci-fi conventions as a child. I enjoy posting about my hobbies, so follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for frequent updates! 

I started cosplaying around 2001. Over the years, I’ve made many costumes for myself and my friends.  I've also modeled costumes and products for companies and artists. This blog features some of those costumes I’ve worn in recent years.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and found interest in the performing arts at an early age. I attended the city's Arts Magnet High School, where I learned costume-making basics. I spent my 20's living in California, working & earning my bachelor's degree in Electronic Arts. I worked in the gaming industry for eight years in Community Management, Marketing, and Business Development. Now, I make sewing patterns for both cosplay & fashion. You can find my cosplay patterns here on this site and my fashion patterns at

Cosplay & pattern making are my day jobs, but I'm also up to non-costume-related things! My other hobbies include Vtubing and making items for Dollfie Dreams and BJDs


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Kevin aka HayabusaKnight is a New Englander with nearly 20 years of cosplay experience.

If you've been in the cosplay community for as long, you might find he looks familiar! He was frequently the ACE's Featured Male Cosplayer on American Cosplay Paradise and has numerous cosplays under his belt.

Kevin is's Business Manager & helps me brainstorm new products, keep on top of sharing customer posts on socials, and staffs our booth at conventions on the regular. (Stop by one of our tables to say hi!) Kevin is also the photographer for the photos on this website. You may see him in one of our costumes made for the pattern store. He's my model for men's costumes.

When he's not helping me run, he's outside touching grass (hiking or biking our area's many trails.) His other hobbies include cooking, martial arts, and lock-picking. (I promise the last one is not as shady as it sounds!)


"What is Cosplay to you?"

Cosplay is a hobby that allows me to express my fandom for shows and games. In the same way that some draw fan art, cosplay enables me to show my love for a character, show, or video game.

"Do you make your own costumes?"

I’ve made many of the costumes I wear but not all in recent years. Along with the outfits I have constructed, I've modeled costumes for several companies and others I’ve bought from retailers.

"How long do you see yourself Cosplaying?"

I'll keep cosplaying as long as I’m having a good time doing it.

"What do you enjoy most about Cosplay?"

I like meeting fellow fans and sharing my fandom with others.

"How do you pronounce Maridah?"


"I’m attending a convention you will be at. Can we schedule a photoshoot?"

If you spot me at an event, I’m happy to pose for photos when I’m in costume, but I don't like to schedule photoshoots. 

"Can I interview you for my blog?"

As long as I'm not preoccupied with work, I’m happy to be interviewed. I may not always be able to respond due to other responsibilities, but I will do my best!

"Can I use photos of you on my site or for a class project?"

You must provide credit to my site and abide by these rules: 

  • Do not use my images to sell something (such as on a costume or wig listing.)

  • My work is not for use as content on any site, video, or livestream that generates ad revenue or takes donations without expressed written consent.

  • Do not use my images in something that is to be sold or distributed (e.g. print, magazine, etc.) without a contractual agreement with me.

  • Do not post my content if your site or account sells cosplay goods. 

  • Please don’t use my photos to compare/contrast negatively with other cosplayers. 

  • If your site or account is adult in nature, please do not share my content on it.

  • Do not watermark my photos or use them to advertise your site.

  • My photos are not stock images and should not be used in a manner that stock images are used in.

"Can I use your photo as an art reference?"

You are more than welcome to use my work as inspiration for drawings and art exercises if the end product is not meant to be sold. If you draw something based on my cosplay, please share it with me!

"Can you tell me how you made a certain costume?"

Please check out my blog. I have many posts outlining the construction of different cosplays I've made. The process of making a whole cosplay is usually too broad to explain sufficiently in an email

​"Do you have recommendations on good equipment or cosplay supplies?"

I have a supply list of products I have used or otherwise recommend. They are compiled on this Amazon Page


Rachel Lynn ( Maridah )
357 Commerce Dr #320672
Fairfield, CT 06825

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