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Sewing Pattern Size Charts

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Sewing Pattern q&A

What character-inspired cosplay patterns do you have planned for release?

I have a lot of patterns in the works! 

The following patterns are in various stages of drafting:​​

  • The Tarot Reader’s Coat - Critical Role Mollymauk Inspired Pattern

  • The Maiden of the Past Dress - Link to the Past Zelda Inspired Pattern

  • The Princess of the Past Dress - Link to the Past Zelda Inspired Pattern

  • The Tunic of the Past - Link to the Past Link Inspired Pattern

  • The Cleric's Winter Coat - Critical Role Jester Inspired Pattern

  • The Princess of Time - Ocarina of Time Zelda Inspired Pattern

  • The Skyward Goddess - Skyward Sword Zelda Inspired Pattern

  • The Lily Knight - Fate Stay Night Saber Lily Inspired Pattern

  • The Peach Princess - Super Smash Brothers Princess Peach Inspired Pattern

PLUS expanding all sewing patterns to include sizes up to 4X Large!

This list is in no particular order and is subject to change. (I have some unnamed projects in the works, too!) 

Follow my Twitter account or join my mailing list to get updates on new releases. My future projects list is developed based on cosplayer feedback- Tweet at me @maridahdotcom or @madewithmaridah for future pattern suggestions & requests OR submit it to my costume pattern suggestion box! ➭

How much yardage will my pattern need?

My sewing patterns come with a yardage and supply list. Fabric estimates are provided for 58" wide fabrics. The yardage you will need will vary depending on the fabric width. To get the most accurate estimate possible, print out your specific size and tape it together. Using a measuring tape or yardstick, calculate yardage based on the width of the fabric you plan to use.

What fabrics types do I need to buy for my pattern?

Each pattern comes with recommended fabrics. You don't need to stick to these materials though! Unless otherwise noted (like in the case of needing stretch materials) fabric type is completely up to your own personal preferences and local store availability.

Are these patterns good for beginner crafters?

I recommend my sewing patterns for those who have sewing experience. If you are new to crafting costumes but want to use one of my store's patterns, have a friend or family member who is experienced help you.

My sewing patterns come with illustrated instructions. I've done my best to provide help with guiding you through the process of working with these patterns, but a basic understanding of sewing techniques is needed.

Some of the patterns are designs that require knowledge of advanced sewing techniques. These patterns will be a significant challenge to new crafters & should be tackled only if you are already confident in your ability to use and adapt patterns to craft costumes. Check each listing's description before purchase.

​What is ‘Ease’?

If you are reading this term for the first time in my pattern’s Read Me file, it’s a useful term to learn about! Ease is extra width added to a pattern to allow for movement and style.

There are two types of ‘ease’. Wearing and Design.

Wearing 'ease' does what it sounds like it does. It makes a pattern wearable. If a pattern were exactly the size of your measurements, you wouldn’t be able to move easily when wearing it. Ease allows for physical movement in the outfit once it is assembled and worn.

Design 'ease' is included in patterns to create certain looks- think puffed sleeves or a billowy blouse. This extra material creates a silhouette.

My patterns include varying amounts of both types of ease. Costumes that are designed with minimal ease will have that noted in the pattern’s Read Me document. These are garments that are designed to look very fitted or are meant to be made with stretch materials. I highly recommend you make a mock-up of any project, but it’s especially important to make one for costumes that are very fitted so you can make adjustments to best fit your shape.

Do you have costumes I can order?

I do not provide pre-made costumes or cosplay commission services, but you are welcome to have a costume made by a commissioner with the assistance of the crafting materials here in my store.

If you don't have a commissioner in mind, email me and I will send you a list of crafters who have told me they are available to take on commission work if you provide them with one of my patterns.

Please note- Individuals can use my patterns to make a cosplay commission, but company commercial use or any form of redistribution is prohibited.

I see a listing I've already bought has been updated with new files. Do I need to buy it again?

No need to buy it again! I will gladly send you the updated files for free if you've already bought the pattern or resource. Go to your order and send me a message (or contact me with your order number so I can look it up) and let me know you are requesting the most recent version of the downloads from your purchase. I'll email them to the email listed on your order information. If this email is no longer in use, please let me know a current email address you can receive the files at.

Do I need special software to print the patterns from your store?

You will need a PDF reader to view and print them. The good news is PDF readers are easy to get and useful for more than just these patterns!

MacOS has native PDF support via the "Preview" app.
If you are a Windows user, you can get a free PDF reader from Adobe called Acrobat Reader-


I've misplaced a file I purchased from your old website's cart system. Can you send me a new one?

Absolutely! Email me with your name and order number- preferably from the email address you placed your order with to speed up the process of re-sending your order's files. 

How do I un-zip my downloaded file?

For Windows users:

Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder.
To unzip the entire folder, right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.
To unzip a single file or folder, double-click the zipped folder to open it. Then, drag or copy the item from the zipped folder to a new location.

Instruction from

For Mac users:

Unzip (expand) a compressed item: Double-click the .zip file.

Instruction from

I want to use the Large Format Printer Files included with my pattern. Where do I get those made?

These files can be printed anywhere that offers blueprints and plotter printing. You'll want to select the A0 (international standard) or Arch E (US Standard) sized paper. In the US, these are the 36"x48" sized sheets. Request to print the documents at 100% scale.

Having large pattern documents printed locally can be pricy, so I recommend using an online service that specializes in printing sewing patterns (like Using an online service will be significantly cheaper in most cases.

Do you take custom and personalized orders?

Each pattern requires anywhere from weeks to months of work for me to create. I do not offer custom or personalized items due to that long (and often expensive) process.


Find my sewing patterns on these platforms!

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