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Contact Us

Contact us via email here for event and sponsorship requests as well as other inquiries. (And hey, if you just want to drop a note of encouragement here, that is well appreciated too!)

​Before hitting send, check out our About Page's Q&A section or our Sewing Pattern FAQ page to see if your question is answered there!

When sending event & sponsorship requests please provide:


  1. A summary of the event or project with your expectations for working together 

  2. Relevant dates and locations for event or estimated project deadlines

  3. Company website or event page

  4. Vague inquiries without details may delay our response significantly.

  5. Sponsorship request emails sent from non-company email addresses (i.e. personal gmail) may be ignored. Please use official email accounts to verify your identity at your organization.

All offers for SEO optimization or requests to publish unrelated content or press releases will be marked as spam.

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