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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this panel & let me carry you from cosplay level 1 to level 10 so you can tackle your first costume without fear!
I'll lay out all the basics you’ll need to know to safely navigate the dungeons of making, buying, and wearing cosplay of your favorite characters!

This series 'Cosplay Power Leveling' is my Cosplaying 101 panel that I've been teaching at conventions for close to a decade- This information is intended to help beginners get into the fun hobby of cosplay!

Level 1: Choosing A Costume
Level 2: Modifying & Buying
Level 3: Sewing
Level 4: Wig Care
Level 5: Props
Level 6: Cosplay Photography
Level 7: Safety
Level 8: Community Etiquette (Coming Soon!)
Level 9: Cosplay Resources (Coming Soon!)
Level 10+: The Grind (Coming Soon!)