Organizing and Storing Circle Lenses

Have too many contact lenses? Can't keep them straight? Do they dry out easily? Here's my tips for keeping an organized collection of colored contacts that will last longer!

Part of cosplaying is altering your appearance. Colored contacts and circle lenses help cosplayers create a likeness. As a result of that, I have a larger than normal collection of circle lenses in all sorts of colors. Keeping them organized and in good condition is important, especially if you cosplay on a budget. I want my lenses to last as long as possible!

Picking good contact lens cases to store your lenses in is important. While those cute decorative cases you'll often receive from sellers might look nice and work for daily lenses, they do not make the cut for long term storage. If you will be storing your lenses for more than a week, toss the freebie ones that came with your lenses. Use a case that seals in your lens solution. Otherwise, you will end up with crispy lenses! I like to use Bausch & Lomb's Sight Savers. They retain solution better than most cases and are somewhat transparent. If you do end up with lenses that have dried out, allow them to soak in solution overnight. In many cases, this will save them!

The more contact lenses you have, the more you should consider sorting them. Taking time to label your lenses will save you time in the long run.

I like to use small ziplock bags I can write on. I don't have to open up cases to find the ones I need, which pays off when convention season comes around! You can label them any way you want. By cosplay, color, brand- anything that works for you! I label mine by brand, make, and color as well as where the lenses are from in case I need to re-buy them after they've passed their lifespan.

My favorite place to buy colored contacts from is I use a small plastic drawer unit to house my lenses. This gives me great visibility and don't have to dig!

Cosplay often can mean clutter, so stay on top of it by being proactive. Small changes can make a big impact when you are rushing to pack or get ready before an event! I'm hoping these suggestions can help you manage your lenses!

Happy Organizing! <3 Maridah

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