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Learn to Love False Eyelashes!

Ever wonder why models and celebrities seem to be blessed with thick lashes? Don't worry, it's not just you lacking them. If you look closely, they are sporting fake eyelashes! Up until last year, I basically refused to wear fake eyelashes. Why? I didn't like the hassle of applying them and they were uncomfortable. I wondered how so many other cosplayers tolerated them!

Do you hate wearing them too? Do they hurt or just not look right? Well, there's some tricks to making them easier to apply and wear. Since I avoided them for YEARS and eventually learned the hard way, I figured I should share some of the tips I picked up from friends and online. You might ask 'why do I need them?' If you suffer from small eyes and short lashes like I do, creating an 'anime' look requires them. They make your eyes pop!

Need proof? Image on the left is my normal eyes. On the right is with false eyelashes and circle lenses.

It's a pretty drastic change! The combination makes my eyes look much bigger without much effort. The circle lenses create a youthful large iris, and the lashes extend out my eyes to make them look wider. Okay, now that you see why it's worth the effort, here's some of my tips for making the process easier! I've bought some cheap $1.50 false eyelashes from Daiso. I really like these. They aren't quite as nice as $20 lashes, but the difference isn't as drastic as you'd imagine.

The ones on the left are the lashes I'm wearing in the side by side comparison. They are my favorite of the 3!

First thing you will want to do is prep your lashes by cutting them shorter. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. I always skipped doing this, and it's the biggest newbie mistake. They need to be cut down to fit your eyes. If you aren't doing this, it's why they are uncomfortable to wear and hard to put on.

You will want to cut off at least an 1/8" or more. It's better for them to be shorter than too long. How you trim them down will depend on the look of the lashes. As you can see here, I've cut them down in different ways. Not cutting them down enough may result in frustration and uncharacteristic cussing.

Next, I will take the lashes and curve them into an arch. Some lashes are a bit stiff when you first get them, and doing this can help them take a better shape. You will want to store them in a manner that will preserve the arch. Placing them back into the plastic U shaped trays they come in is the easiest way to keep them in good condition. I like to buy lash cases to sort mine. You can sometimes find them in the beauty section of asian markets (or Daiso!) Do yourself a favor and get yourself brush on lash glue. It is much easier to brush on a layer of glue than it is to squeeze out the glue from tubes. You will get more even results, and this will lead to a better adhesion of your lashes to your eyelids! I like to use Darkness Eyelash Glue. The last tip I have for you is to practice putting on lashes when you don't have to rush. You don't want to be fiddling with lashes when you are getting ready for an event. It's better to take your time and get use to using lashes on your down time. Approach it as a good excuse to do a makeup test for your next cosplay or a selfie photo-op. You can also practice with half lashes, which are shorter lashes that don't span your whole lid. I did this when first using lashes and it helped me. Good luck! <3 Maridah

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