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Types of Wig Caps & Bands
Mesh Cap
Liner Cap
Wig Band.jpg
Velvet Grip Band
Silicone Grip Band
Putting on a Mesh Wig Cap
  1. Pull the cap down over your head through the hole in the mesh. Pull it down to your chin or neck.

  2. Pull the cap back up, making the elastic band sit at your hairline.

  3. Pull the mesh over your hair, gathering hair & the net at the top back of your head.

  4. Pin the hole in the mesh closed with a hairpin.

Brush that Wig Out!
Icon of woman with long flowing hair

DO: Use a comb or brush with wide set, flexible bristles

DON'T: Tug on the wefts

DON'T: Brush a wet wig

How to Detangle a Wig
  1. Start at the bottom of the wig, holding the wig near the wefts.

  2. Work progressively upwards in gentle sweeps, brushing down. Detangle from the tips to the wefts.

  3. Use a wig conditioner for extra help with detangling a very matted wig.

Wire Brushes.jpg
Types of Wig Fibers
Fantasy Icons-56.png
Kanekalon & Toyokalon
  • Low heat tolerance.

  • Can be styled with steam and with short bursts of a blow dryer, but melts easily.

  • Less commonly used now, but cheap wigs still come in these fibers on occasion.

Heat Resistant
  • Newer type of fiber that has high heat tolerance.

  • Some can be styled with heat styling tools like curling irons and blow dryers, as well as with steam. Check the brand's heat tolerance rating as it differs from maker to maker.

  • Curling can be difficult. Wet a wig with a spray bottle before applying heat tools to help set the style.

Human Hair
  • Not common for cosplay wigs and very expensive.

  • Looks the most convincing, but degrades over time.

  • Less variety in colors and styles available.

Tips to Level Up Your Wig Work
Toupe Clips & Grip Bands
  • For heavy, long or up-do styles, sew in a toupee clip into the front of the hairline.

  • Alternatively, using a grip band will hold most wigs in place when worn properly.

  • My personal favorite brand of grip band is WIG FIX! It keeps even my heaviest wigs in place.

Cut Wigs with a Razor Comb
  • Avoid blunt cuts and feather the ends of a wig by using a razor comb

Hand Steamers are a Cosplayer's MVP
  • Not only can you use them to get wrinkles out of a costume, they can be used to straighten a wig in minutes and to curl them on rollers!

Sew in Toupee Clips.jpg
Razor Comb.jpg
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