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Saber Wig Styling Tutorial

The single most requested tutorial I’ve had over the years has been for a Saber (Fate/Stay Night) wig. I’ve been cosplaying this character since 2009 so I’ve made several variants of this wig over the years. I've also been using the SAME wig since 2009 for regular ol’ FSN Saber, so I figured it was about time to let that one rest in Avalon and make another. Here’s my step-by-step process for doing just that!

Supply List: Arda Wigs Eowyn in Ash Blonde 1 Pack of Short Wefts in Ash Blonde 1 Pack of Long Wefts in Ash Blonde Strong hairspray (Got2BGlued or similar) Buckram or Dome Shape Hot Glue Gun & Glue Blowdryer Scissors or Razor Hair Pins Rubber Bands Curling Iron or Hot Roller Comb Optional items: Wig or Hair Net Toupe Clips

For this project, I’m using Arda Wigs Eowyn in Ash Blonde along with long and short weft packs in the same color. I chose this wig because of its large skin top. I like to use a skin topped wig for this character because it lends a realistic quality to the end result. You could follow these styling steps on a wig without one.

The first thing I recommend you do when making this wig is to sew on toupee clips into the front of the wig’s hairline. This wig will be back heavy and toupee clips will help the wig stay in place. Braid the long pack of wefts. I used about 75% of the pack to make this braid. You can add or subtract fibers to adjust how thick your braid is.

If you use the same wig I am using for this tutorial, you’ll want to set a part in the skin top. Part down the middle and spray the wig fibers with water. Use a hair dryer to heat set the part.

Cut the bangs and fringe to flatter your face shape. You will want to try the wig on periodically as you cut it to make sure the length of the bangs and side fringe looks right on you. Don’t just trust how it looks on your wig head. You’ll have better results if you check it on your own head. After the bangs and fringe look good, shorten up the back of the wig so that it is a good length to make a small bun with. From there, you’ll need to pull the wig back into a ponytail. I prefer to do this in stages, making a ponytail from the lower part of the wig, and adding the top layer of hair after carefully smoothing it in place with a comb and a light layer of hairspray. Turn the ponytail into a bun. You can do this any number of ways, but I used a spare hair net to collect the hair and pinned it in place. You could also use a stubbing method if you prefer.