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Saber Alter Construction Notes

My Saber Alter costume was first started a few years ago, so I don’t have progress photos for the body of the dress, but I did snap shots of the sleeves, skirt and corset once I pulled the unfinished costume out to work on it. I had a couple of people ask how I handled the ruffles on the sleeves, so hopefully these photos give some insight on that. It’s two layers with the ruffles attached to the lining layer.

Waist Cincher Construction:

Skirt Construction:

Sleeve Construction:

I often have questions about how I made my Saber wig. I didn’t take photos of the process of making it in 2009 (honestly had no followers back then who’d want to see it at the time) so I took a couple photos of my Saber Alter wig as I made it this year. It’s made a different way from my first one, but I think this is the easier way of going about styling a wig like this.

I made a dome out of several layers of buckram. I attached wefts I made out of loose wig hair to the buckram. I braided more loose hair and hot glued it to the bun. The bun was then attached to the wig with hot glue, which is just a normal long wig pulled back into a low bun. Saber Alter has no Ahoge, so showing how I make those will have to wait till a later date.

One of the things I alway do with heavy, long, or styled wigs is sew in a toupee clip into the very front of the wig. This keeps the wig in place while wearing it. I don’t like to bobby pin my wigs on, so if you are like me in that respect, this is a good solution.

Over all, this was a very easy costume, so if you are a cosplayer wanting to make one of your own it’s a good low stress project.

Post Update:

This post has been relocated with minor modifications to my new website hosting in January 2021. Previous comments on the post were not migrated.