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Crafting with LEONIS Products

I've been a big fan of LEONIS Water Erasable Markers for several years now. Unlike many washable markers on the market, LEONIS pens have a shorter cartridge so as not to dry out in the packaging. I've been buying them in 10 packs, so I'm always guaranteed to have reliable washable markers on hand. I was thrilled when LEONIS contacted me to review more of their sewing products!

LEONIS provided me with two products to review- A 30 spool polyester thread kit and iron-on hem tape!

The first product LEONIS sent me was Iron-on Hem Tape. It comes in a variety of colors. I selected to test the white version because it will not show through on light-colored fabrics.

This hem tape has a glue side and a plain side. The adhesive side is placed face down and ironed onto the fabric. You can visually identify this side by looking for the white fabric loops, which are easier to spot on darker versions of this hem tape.

The tape comes with easy-to-understand instructions in both English and Japanese. It suggests soaking the tape in water before ironing it. I opted to wet it with a spray bottle, which worked just as well.

Here's how I applied the hem tape to my project:

  1. Place the adhesive side down on your fabric

  2. Wet the tape with a spray bottle filled with water

  3. Place a press cloth over the tape

  4. Iron each section for 10 seconds

  5. Remove the press cloth and repeat until your hem is complete!

LEONIS iron-on hem tape is unique in that it sits on top of a seam instead of between two pieces of fabric. This positioning means the tape fully covers the seam allowance of your hem, preventing the material from unraveling when washed or worn.

LEONIS hem tape works great in a pinch and gives your project a seamless finish like other hem tapes. Where I think it excels is in sturdiness. I don't have any qualms about using it to finish a hem on a costume like I would with hem tapes made of fusible webbing. The result of completing a hem with LEONIS iron-on hem tape looks as good as a blind hem stitch, and I will certainly be using it again in the future!

This hem tape is an excellent choice for cosplayers who struggle with hand stitching or are short on time. I used lightweight broadcloth in the pictures above. The hem tape's texture is slightly visible when using a lightweight fabric. I would recommend using it with medium & heavyweight fabrics for an entirely seamless look.

The second product LEONIS sent was a thread kit of polyester thread in 30 assorted colors, with 110 yards per spool. This product comes in two sizes, and I opted for the larger spool size.

This thread pack has two practical applications for cosplayers that stand out to me-

First, it makes a great addition to cosplay repair kits that everyone should be packing in their luggage when going to events or photoshoots. It includes a handy needle threader!

Second, it doubles as a backup thread stash for when you run out of a color of thread just before finishing a costume. The 110-yard spools fit in a sewing machine. For cosplayers who are especially susceptible to 'con-crunch,' having this thread assortment around can come in clutch!

This travel-friendly thread pack is unlike others in that it contains full-sized spools of thread that can fit on your sewing machine and includes a variety of colors beyond the basic shades of beige, black, blue, red, and white. It'll live in my cosplay repair kit from now on!

I want to thank LEONIS for providing these products in return for my honest review. I genuinely enjoyed working with their products. They are quality sewing supplies that I will undoubtedly be using for years to come!

You can find LEONIS products on their website, which ships internationally:

They also have an Amazon storefront!

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn store credit from qualifying purchases made from this link.)

Thanks for reading & happy crafting!