CosplaySky Review: Ann From Persona 5

A few months back CosplaySky sent me one of their cosplay to try out. Persona 5 just stole my heart, so what better character to pick from CosplaySky's large costume catalogue than Ann Takamaki? Keep reading to find out more about my thoughts on this costume! Many year back I modeled a costume from this store. It was my Yuki Nagato, and it was nice to have CosplaySky extend the offer for me to try something new from them after all these years. The quality pleased me then, and I'm happy that hasn't changed! ​ First and foremost, let me address sizing. Plenty of pre-made cosplay costumes run small for US standards, especially for chest measurements. CosplaySky’s costumes do not run small. It is true to the size measurements they give alongside the costume listings. I made the mistake of asking for a size a bit bigger than my overall measurements and it swallowed me whole! They were so kind to correct my mistake but let my poor choice save you grief- Get your normal size.

This uniform set comes with jacket, hoodie, skirt, shirt, and thigh highs. I was happy to see they included her black undershirt. Some other sellers might have left this out, so it’s nice that you don’t need to hunt for a black shirt from your closet to be ready to rock this. The skirt plaid is printed on via sublimation printing. It is not a true woven plaid, but it is accurate to the game. They included red thigh highs but I’ll be honest, I prefer to wear full tights so I wore red ones in a similar color instead of using these for our photoshoot. It comes with them, though!

Ann's hoodie is missing the blue stripe along the neck line, but gets the key important details right- namely the clover design and an ’S’ for Shujin Academy, the high school the main characters attend in Persona 5. CosplaySky’s uniform uses sublimation printing to add on the S to the hip of the hoodie. The printing is clear & well applied. The clover is a collection of patches rather than a printed design, which is a nice touch. The body of the hoodie is a thick spandex blend and the bands of color at the bottom are a stretch knit.

The Shujin Academy jacket is well constructed. All the details are accurate with the exception of the red buttons being on the wrong side and the classroom number button on the lapel (which you don’t really see thanks to her huge hair) is missing. These don’t take away much from the costume for me personally, though. In fact, it didn’t occur to me that the buttons were flipped until I started making this blog post. My favorite part is that the welted pockets are real! Real, functional pockets on a costume are a cosplayer’s best friend. The jacket is fully lined & the Shujin Academy emblem is a sewn on patch.

If you’ve got this cosplay, plan on buying it or making it let me suggest a tip that makes it sit on your body better! I used safety pins under the lapel of the jacket and attached them to the hoodie along the neckline. This keeps the jacket from shifting around even with wind or unusual poses. It doesn’t impede your movement but it does keep the jacket from opening up too wide. Considering this costume has sweater under a jacket little tweaks with safety pins can make the difference on how bulky the uniform looks when worn.

I loved wearing this cosplay! It’s always good to have a few comfortable costumes in your closet to offset big or difficult to wear cosplays. This will be a staple travel cosplay for me now. Thanks a ton to CosplaySky for providing me with it! If you’d like to get your own Shujin Academy uniform from CosplaySky (or one of their many other costumes) save some $$$ with the coupon code ‘maridah’ at checkout.

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