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Shopping for your Gear
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Buy from established sellers with reviews
  • Companies like MicCostumes, CosplaySky, UwowoCosplay, Bodyline, or Cospatio are established stores with reviews.

  • Marketplaces tend to be higher risk. You need to do research on any costume maker on eBay, TaoBao, and Etsy. Don’t buy blindly!

  • Look for red flags in reviews - phrases such as ‘not like the photo’ & ’different from listing’

  • Look for photo consistency. Look for sellers with the same mannequin, same lighting, & same model across many listings. Consistent branding is also important.

  • Make sure what you see is what you get. Some marketplace sellers will find a good looking costume or wig online and use it instead of a photo of their product because they are selling inferior goods.

Avoid listing that don’t use their own product photos.


Are many other sellers using the same photos?

​If you search for the product, do the same photos come up on other listings? These are likely stolen photos.

You'll feel better in a tunic that fits
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Modify to improve accuracy
  • Replacing buttons, ribbons, or cheap trim with more accurate parts improves a costume significantly.

  • Check Etsy and other cosplay retailers for better quality accessories and shoes if your bought costume has lackluster elements. Replacing them will help your costume look nicer!

  • If you are in-between sizes, buy bigger and take in the garment. It is easier to size down a costume than to size it up! The same goes for changing hem heights. If you don’t know how to sew, many local tailoring businesses will tailor outfits to fit you better.

  • Steam your costume before you wear it. Even a high-quality costume will look cheap when wrinkled.

  • Wear the right undergarments for your costume. Many dresses need hoop skirts or petticoats. Having the right undergarments will give your costume the structure it needs to look right.

Replace Accessories
Resize Costume
With Petticoat
​Ye olde Closet Cosplay
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Shop & choose intelligently
  • Closet cosplay shouldn’t look like it’s been in your closet for years even if it has. Choose items that look new, unless it’s intentionally tattered cosplay.

  • Consider re-dying a piece of clothing to renew or alter its appearance. Sewing stores sell dye that can be used with your washing machine or stovetop.

  • Check thrift stores and eBay for pre-owned pieces in good condition.

  • Amazon and Uniqlo sell a number of different clothing basics at affordable prices.

  • If it’s a school uniform, check school uniform store sale racks. If it is a military uniform, check surplus stores. Check work uniform stores for nursing scrubs and chef's coats.

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